29 October 2023
Ostrava, Czech
Time: 19:00
Address: Aula Gong ostrava
Country: Czech
City: Ostrava
  1. This musical show has become a real sensation! A rush of emotions and impressions, drive and crazy energy!

The new program of ROCK SYMPHO SHOW 2024 features legendary rock hits of the 20th and 21st centuries in an original reinterpretation by the innovative crossover-orchestra – PRIME ORCHESTRA!

The ROCK SYMPHO SHOW program has become a true revelation and has caused a storm of audience enthusiasm in all countries of Europe. Numerous interviews, publications, TV stories have fueled interest in the question – what should a modern orchestra be like? Everyone who has already been to Prime Orchestra concerts knows the answer!

The new program of ROCK SYMPHO SHOW 2024 is 2 hours of pure musical adrenaline produced by 35 musicians and vocalists on stage! This is a new bright show, new vocalists, new musical experiments, and of course beloved compositions that have already become the hallmark of Prime Orchestra.

The PRIME ORCHESTRA phenomenon bursted into the music and concert space on the wave of brand new Ukrainian music in 2014. The innovative immersive crossover orchestra created a niche and instantly became the leader of the live Sympho Show programs. Covers and mash-ups of the world hits and soundtracks in the author’s arrangement packed in a bright visual range – the key feature of PRIME ORCHESTRA.

The orchestra looks exceptionally stylish. The light show and special effects warm up the audience to the sound of favorite THE PRODIGY, NIRVANA, THE BEATLES, DEEP PURPLE, LED ZEPPELIN, MR BIG, KISS, QUEEN, AC/DC, METALLICA, COLDPLAY, EVANESCENCE ect..

Even the interaction of the conductor with the audience can easily be called a new genre of symphonic “stand up”. Communication without a single word brings the audience into ecstasy.

The enormous work and professionalism of the entire PRIME ORCHESTRA team is behind such a playful presentation to the public. The composition of the orchestra of the 21st century is already far from the classical one: now it is a rock band, vocalists, a choir group, strings, brass and percussion groups and even live DJ sound effects – all in one.

As the result: For 9 years – 20 programs and more than a thousand concerts and full halls throughout the European continent and beyond.

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