28 March 2023
Lublin, Poland
Time: 19:00
Address: Centrum Spotkania Kultur
Country: Poland
City: Lublin

FILM SYMPHO SHOW is a new program of PRIME ORCHESTRA, with which the modern crossover orchestra will once again tour the cities of Europe in the spring of 2023.

FILM SYMPHO SHOW is a real musical show that amazes the audience, surprises with its scale, diversity, drive and leaves behind the best memories for a long time!

FILM SYMPHO SHOW by PRIME ORCHESTRA is an exciting journey into the world of cinema, where modern show technologies, powerful high-quality sound, a dynamic light show, bright special effects and a large LED screen in cinema format will give the viewer amazing sensations in combination with exclusive own orchestral versions of soundtracks of the most famous cult films: HARRY POTTER, STAR WARS, MATRIX, GLADIATOR, INTERSTELLAR, INCEPTION, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, ROCKY, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, GHOSTBUSTERS and others.

For two hours, live, the talented PRIME ORCHESTRA team, which includes about forty bright charismatic musicians and orchestra vocalists, an expressive rock band, a master of sound effects -DJ and an incredibly artistic conductor – using the entire creative and technical arsenal, together create an unparalleled atmosphere of magic, crazy dynamics and brilliance of the world of cinema in the FILM SYMPHO SHOW program!

Are waiting for you! See you at the concerts!

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