World musical bestsellers – this is how you can describe the new program of the PRIME ORCHESTRA symphonic show, which the famous band will play among a grand concert tour in the spring of 2022. That will be an even brighter, more technologically equipped and impressive music show from the “World Hits” series. The best representatives of rock, pop, rap, and electronic music, legendary compositions of the 20th and 21st centuries, the leaders of the hit parades, which won the hearts of millions of viewers, will be performed by the orchestra in an original symphonic interpretation, that gives a new life to world-famous compositions, and the opportunity to discover the unknown boundaries of favorite music for the audience.

PRIME ORCHESTRA is a unique phenomenon of the European music scene! This is a crossover symphonic orchestra, a symbiosis of traditions and innovations, pure talents and advanced technologies! Besides the traditional orchestral strings, brass and woodwinds groups talented team perfectly is combined with a rock band, vocalists, choir, and even a DJ. The PRIME ORCHESTRA sound system is exclusively made for the band’s purposes.
During the performance, It makes possible to realize the most daring musical experiments and achieve the ideal balance of live instrumental sound power and quality, unattainable for the other similar orchestras. But the heart of the project are professionals in the creative and technical team, experienced, young, ambitious, talented musicians, brilliant vocalists, incredible conductor and inventive management!

Since 2014 there are several concert programmes, more than 500 concerts in different countries of the world, performances at the largest concert venues, festivals, thousands of in tour kilometers, tens of thousands of grateful spectators, millions of views and ecstatic internet feedback from around the world in a list of PRIME ORCHESTRA!

The PRIME ORCHESTRA symphonic show is always something amazing, driving, and outstanding!


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