Music of love

16 February 2015
Zhytomyr, Ukraine
Время: 19:00
Адрес: Житомирський академічний український музично-драматичний театр Івана Кочерги, Соборная площадь, Житомир, Житомирская область, Украина
Страна: Ukraine
Город: Zhytomyr

On the bright holiday of spring, love and beauty, March 8, Prime Orchestra will prove the words of the great poet, presenting a special gift to Kharkov music lovers – the “Music of Love” program, filled with the most tender, passionate, sensual, incendiary and, of course, favorite hits! Those who long ago became soundtracks to exciting and memorable events of our life, with the first chords of which goosebumps appear on the skin, and a “filmstrip” of bright, unique moments pops up in memory.

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