Cinema hits

15 April 2019
Khmelnytsky, Ukraine
Время: 19:00
Адрес: Хмельницкий, Хмельницкая областная филармония
Страна: Ukraine
Город: Khmelnytsky

There are such musical compositions that literally from the first notes can extract entire stories from our memory … touching, epic, funny and full of melancholy – stories told in our favorite films.
And it was to such compositions that Prime Orchestra decided to devote a new cycle of Kinohits programs! This means that next spring we will all have the opportunity to experience familiar and beloved soundtracks in a new way, enjoy the traditionally vivid and unforgettable show and plunge into the magical world of the best cinema music of the 20th and 21st century.

Powerful sound using 3D technology, multiple screens, scenery, modern symphony orchestra, rock band, vocalists, DJ and lighting effects – all this in a new enchanting musical film show from Prime Orchestra!

The program will include compositions from such masterpieces of world cinema as Mad Max, Matrix, Beginning, Titanic, Toy, Interstellar and Leon.

The cycle of the “FILMS” programs will become a fresh creative twist in the history of Prime Orchestra, but the “World Hits” cycle, loved by thousands of viewers, will continue to live, develop and delight fans of the orchestra.


On site

Just a CHIC GIG!!!!! Energy is incredible!!! Excellent!!! performance Presentation, sounding and manner of performance!!! Sea Impressions! Delight to tears, to goosebumps!!! The conductor is creative, Umnicka!!! Vocalists Decoration Orchestra!! Especially the girl-dinner!!!

On site

I was at your concert for the first time. I've discovered you for myself. Loved. I'm waiting for the next concert.

On site

Unforgettable experience! Great vocalists, well-coordinated work of the entire super professional team. Clockwork conductor! Looking forward to the new show! Thank you!

On site

VERY, VERY Pleasant. The boys ' voices are chic. The orchestra shower flies away SUPER!!!! …. Son delighted. I did not regret that I went to the concert… Hall shook in 5 minutes… Well done guys!!!!! We would come to Kaliningrad…


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