World hits

30 November 2019
Kramatorsk, Ukraine
Время: 19:00
Адрес: Дворец культуры и техники, площадь Мира, Краматорск, Донецкая область, Украина
Страна: Ukraine
Город: Kramatorsk

In autumn 2019, PRIME Orchestra will celebrate its fifth anniversary with a grand jubilee tour, which will end in late spring 2020! The festive program from the World Hits series will include the best and most beloved by the audience compositions played by the orchestra over 5 years, in an updated version, as well as new amazing versions of hits that have not yet been performed by the orchestra! Prime Orchestra will delight fans with even more ambitious and vibrant shows, modern sound technologies, unique arrangements, corporate powerful live sound, as well as humor, charismatic vocals, special effects and, of course, a hurricane of emotions!

PRIME Orchestra – a unique phenomenon on the world music scene! This is a modern symphonic crossover orchestra – a symbiosis of innovation and tradition, natural talent and advanced technologies! A symphonic show from PRIME Orchestra is always professional, high-quality, powerful, bright and driving! Each program contains the best world hits of rock, pop, electronic, and now rap music in its original symphonic interpretation, which gives the world-famous compositions a new life, and the audience an opportunity to discover the unknown faces of their favorite music.

In addition to traditional orchestra musicians, Prime Orchestra includes a rock band, shocking vocalists, a choir and even a DJ! At the moment, the team has counted more than 400 concerts in different countries of the world, performances at major concert venues, festivals, thousands of kilometers covered in tours, hundreds of thousands of grateful spectators who attended concerts, millions of Internet views and positive reviews from all over the world!


On site

Just a CHIC GIG!!!!! Energy is incredible!!! Excellent!!! performance Presentation, sounding and manner of performance!!! Sea Impressions! Delight to tears, to goosebumps!!! The conductor is creative, Umnicka!!! Vocalists Decoration Orchestra!! Especially the girl-dinner!!!

On site

I was at your concert for the first time. I've discovered you for myself. Loved. I'm waiting for the next concert.

On site

Unforgettable experience! Great vocalists, well-coordinated work of the entire super professional team. Clockwork conductor! Looking forward to the new show! Thank you!

On site

VERY, VERY Pleasant. The boys ' voices are chic. The orchestra shower flies away SUPER!!!! …. Son delighted. I did not regret that I went to the concert… Hall shook in 5 minutes… Well done guys!!!!! We would come to Kaliningrad…


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