Two days from the life of the orchestra.

Prime OrchestraБлогTwo days from the life of the orchestra.

Two days in the life of the orchestra. Friends, Hello! We are very very miss you❤ I Hope that you are too. Sorry to break the news. Frankly, we were a bit confused because I was caught off guard in the middle of a spring tour situation with quarantine! It took a while to understand everything that happens, and how and where to go next. Decided not to put anyone else in danger – #StayAtHome all of our great team. And in spite of all: quarantine, and emergencies, we will continue numerations to give our viewers the joy and beautiful music, yet virtual, via the Internet. We all now it is vital to be able to escape from all the bad news and limitations, to feel positive emotions and growth. We understand this very well, try to hold on and wish cheer you up! Therefore, actively preparing new music videos, live shows, unexpected formats of performances and surprises!😉 We are with you, as always! Love, kindness and music will overcome all adversity! Wait for news❤ I take care of myself. Stay at home 🙏🏻 A video has attracted well-known hit: Roxette – “Listen to your heart” in the orchestral arrangement Prime Orchestra🤟🏻

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