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13 November 2019
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Concerts cancelled

Dear spectators of the cities of Uzhgorod and Chernovtsy! We are very upset, but for reasons that do not depend on us, in particular, because of the unprofessional and unfair behavior of the organizers @tornado_event_group our concerts in the city of Uzhgorod on November 21 and the city of Chernovtsy on November 22 unfortunately canceled. […]

13 November 2019
48 просмотров

Large-scale show

Dear friends! Our producer and author of the project @maks_maksymenko invites you to visit our Anniversary Concert, in 24 cities of Ukraine, and enjoy the grandiose program that we have prepared! It will be a bright and large-scale show, unique arrangements and a powerful live sound! Stunning vocals and special effects, all as you like!!! […]

13 November 2019
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It's going to be powerful.

Our talented, extraordinary and creative director-producer of the Prime Orchestra project Yuri Rybalka @mcriba911 gladly invites you to visit our concert in your city. It's going to be powerful. Dear fans, and just friends, there is not much time left before the start of our Jubilee tour!


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