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The history of World Hits Sympho Show and Prime orchestra collective has become from an idea of two Ukrainian producers Maksim Maksimenko and Iurii Rybalka to create a bright memorable show, to increase standard boundaries of symphonic concerts and bring it to the qualitatively new level by adding cutting edge technologies of sound, unique orchestrations, a charismatic vocal, special effects and nonstandard light solutions to the powerful live sound!

In the spring of 2014 when the music producer Oleksiy Khorolsky and the conductor Iurii Yakovenko joined the team the idea came true. The classical and jazz musicians, the arrangers, the sound producers, the light artists from all over Ukraine worked on the project. On September 29th of 2014, finally, the premier of the show took place at the biggest venue in Kharkiv on the main stage of Kharkiv’s academic theatre of opera and ballet.

After that Prime orchestra had a national tour and played for audience in 20 cities. An unbelievable warm reaction of audience and thousands of grateful reviews gave an impetus to further development of the project and producing the new concert programs “ The world hits”, “Music of love”, “Rock stars”. In 2016 creative potential of the team of Prime orchestra supported by inexhaustible love of audience from different countries incarnated into the new program Golden collection.

The history of the extraordinary collective and wonderful music is going on. A lot of concerts and new programs are waiting ahead, because happiness of Prime orchestra team is in a constant movement to perfection, new musical heights and eyes of audience fulfilled with joy!



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Cinema hits

There are such musical compositions that literally from the first notes can extract entire stories from our memory … touching, epic, funny and full of melancholy – stories told in our favorite films.
And it was to such compositions that Prime Orchestra decided to devote a new cycle of Kinohits programs! This means that next spring we will all have the opportunity to experience familiar and beloved soundtracks in a new way, enjoy the traditionally vivid and unforgettable show and plunge into the magical world of the best cinema music of the 20th and 21st…



Music of love

On the bright holiday of spring, love and beauty, March 8, Prime Orchestra will prove the words of the great poet, presenting a special gift to Kharkov music lovers – the “Music of Love” program, filled with the most tender, passionate, sensual, incendiary and, of course, favorite hits! Those who long ago became soundtracks to exciting and memorable events of our life, with the first chords of which goosebumps appear on the skin, and a “filmstrip” of bright, unique moments pops up in memory.



World hits

Prime Orchestra is a musical crossover project that combines the powerful live sound of a symphony orchestra, modern technology and unique arrangements, as well as charismatic vocals.

In addition to traditional musicians for the orchestras, Prime Orchestra includes a DJ, a rock band and several vocalists. Each performance of Prime Orchestra is not just a concert, but a holistic, exciting performance, a truly world-class show that does not leave a single music lover indifferent.


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