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PRIME ORCHESTRA sympho show — a unique phenomenon on the world music scene! It is a modern crossover band is a symbiosis combining tradition and innovation, natural talent and cutting edge sound technologies! His performances are always an event memorable show, unique arrangements, powerful brand with live music, witty humor, special effects and most importantly — a hurricane of emotions!

Born team, in draft form, Symphonic show “WORLD HITS” in 2014, in Ukraine, in Kharkiv. It was organized by the producers Maxim Maksimenko Yuri Ribalka and Alexey Khorolsky. From the outset, PRIME ORCHESTRA very highly raised the bar of quality among the other orchestras in Ukraine, and rather quickly won the love of the audience in different countries of the world. Special is the orchestra: in addition to the traditional Symphony orchestras musicians in the Prime Orchestra includes powerful rock band, the flamboyant singers, choir and even a DJ!

Each program — the best world hits, classic, rock, pop, rap and electronic music symphonic original interpretation that brings the world-famous compositions of new life, and the audience — the opportunity to discover the unknown facets of your favorite music.

The main credo sympho show PRIME ORCHESTRA — always professional, loud, bright and energetic! Constant movement, improvement, dedication and professionalism of all participants was the standard of the modern show-band, from which the others take example.

On the account of PRIME ORCHESTRA at this time — more than 450 concerts around the world, performing at major concert venues, festivals, cultural events, thousands of miles of touring, hundreds of thousands of appreciative audiences that attended the concerts, millions of online views and positive feedback from around the world!



April 30, 2020

Borders are closed for quarantine, but not for our music. The UK is enjoying Prime Orchestra’s “The Prodigy Medley”.

We are happy that being in isolation, we can support with our creativity fans of quality music, even in the UK. A popular music festival, published…

April 23, 2020

“Prime Orchestra” “Creative approach to work creates creative relationships in the team”

Quarantine is a possibility “to go deep” into favourite business, to absorb new knowledge, it is more to…

April 12, 2020


Hi friends! You ask a lot of questions about each member of the orchestra, so we decided it was time to get to know each other better! On April 14, a…


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